“As a former dancer with the "Alvin Ailey Co." and original American Broadway cast of "Cats", I am no stranger to massages. Carlo has helped me get through my active life with his knowledge of the various techniques that he has at his fingertips (no pun intended). I had reached a point where I was not able to play tennis, and was in constant excruciating pain. Within 2 sessions I was out of pain and back on the court. Carlo will also teach you how to be self sufficient with specific exercises and props to speed up the recovery period.
Thank you Carlo for your dedication and wisdom...see you soon."
Hector Mercado." 310-415-0538

“My bite had been out of alignment form stress. It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t bite down or chew. I was starting to think that surgery would be the only answer. Then a friend referred Carlo, so I made an appointment. First he loosened the muscles of my back, shoulders, and neck through massage. Then he did cranial sacral on the head and jaw. It was truly unbelievable. Within one session- a painless one by the way, he completely adjusted my jaw. I feel so much better and it has stayed that way."

“I went to Carlo Petrini for a massage when I was really stressed out and I was feeling lots job related stress and anxiety. Carlo did a whole body assessment first. Then he asked where my problem areas were, and came up with a customized treatment plan for me. He dug right in to those areas, where I was holding a lot of tension, and with firm pressure techniques released most of the accumulated tension. He worked patiently on my neck and shoulders, my worst areas, and unblocked my stagnant energy channels. Carlo has a very firm touch and great deep tissue techniques, but he is very sensitive to the level of pressure a client can handle.
Carlo has integrated several different techniques, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and Swedish being just few of the styles he used on me. After the session I was feeling very relaxed, “loose as a goose" and no stress at all! I would definitely recommend Carlo as a great intuitive massage therapist to anyone of my friends and colleagues. I work at Morgane Le Fay on Montana Avenue and would go back to Carlo even on my lunch break; he is so conveniently located on Montana and 9th. I look forward to my next massage by Carlo."
Annukka Vennala: Manager, Morgane Le Fay, 1404 Montana Ave.

“I had been struggling with chronic neck pain for 5 yrs. I was getting massages from other masseurs between two to four times a week for months and I can honestly say Carlo did more for me in four sessions then all other massages combined. I received outstanding results from my very first session. I would highly recommend him to anyone.......Thanks Carlo!!"
Rosalind Montano

“Carlo correctly diagnosed my frozen shoulder just by touching the muscles and locating the many trigger points. I didn't need to say anything. He referred me to a book with exercises I could do on my own. He also treated and released those trigger points over a series of sessions. Carlo helped restore my range of motion while also helping me manage the pain. I was able to start playing tennis again."
Tim Regan

“After being rear-ended by a large van which resulted in $20,000 worth of damage I suffered severe neck pain. Approximately 24 hours after the car accident I found it difficult to move my neck; changing lanes and taking a drink of water was an arduous task for me. After a doctor's visit and prescription medication I was still in pain and decided to contact Carlo Petrini who had given me a massage in the past. He suggested cranial sacral therapy to help with my injury. I knew nothing about this type of therapy but agreed to it. The session was very different from a typical massage and I was a bit skeptical of the therapy. Immediately following the therapy I felt much better. In fact the next day I had zero pain in my neck and was able to move my neck with ease. It's been over two weeks since the therapy and I still feel great. This therapy was extremely successful for me and I have recommended it to several friends."
Lisa Mitchnick

"In just 2 sessions with Carlo I have gotten relief I didn't know was possible. Like everyone in LA I have a stressful job and carry an enormous amount of tension in my neck and shoulder area. I have had many many massages and only experienced temporary relief afterwards. With Carlo I feel like I am getting "fixed" I can't tell you what a relief it is to walk around in my body feeling good. I am more productive at work and much happier. I actually forgot about my last massage ( I am usually counting the days since I am so sore~). I trust Carlo completely and finally feel like I can live 100 percent pain free. There are many good massage therapists..but only one Carlo! He is truly a healer~
Erica Zodtner

“Well I have to say, Carlo's Castor oil treatment was amazing! Between his amazing touch and feeling like your whole body is painted, not to mention getting out of my head for an hour or so. And best of all feeling relaxed and baby soft afterwards, I would recommend this treatment to anyone. I thank god for people like him who really help me get through my sometimes unbearably stressful weeks! Thanks Carlo! You’re the Best!"
Jenny Ferrera: Owner, Jenny Wax: organic facials and waxing, 1650A Montana Ave.

“I have had a variety of treatments from Carlo including deep tissue, combo, and healing massages. I always find them to be enjoyable and extremely beneficial. I have the utmost regard for his knowledge and experience, and constantly look forward to our sessions."
Jeff Rothschild

“In March of 2008, I took a bad fall down a flight of stairs banging into the door head first at the bottom so hard that the door needed to be reset. I was taken to the hospital and they were amazed after a CAT scan and an MRI that nothing was broken and the only reason I couldn't move my neck was due to compression of the neck vertebrae. The doctor advised me to see a PT or a chiropractor to loosen me up. I went to a well respected chiropractor
two times who in addition to cracking my neck did some minimal massage. I did not feel better at all and did not return. I was in a lot of pain. I couldn't turn my head when driving nor turn around to back my car out of the driveway. In short I was a mess. A friend recommended I see Carlo who is a masseure with healing hands. The first night he came to
my house, he explained to me what he was going to do would be very painful. He was right and I cried but when he was finished I could move my neck a little. He came to the house twice a week for 2 weeks and each time I felt a little better. He then came once a week for about 2 months. I never thought I would be as good as I was before the accident. Carlo gave me back my life and yes I am just as good as I was before the accident."
Roberta Bennet

“I have been going to Carlo for massage for almost three years now. When I first met him, I was going through a very difficult time. I was harboring all the pain and tension in my body and I felt like my energy was suffocating. I was doing everything I could to take care of myself but the tension seemed to be getting worse and worse. I was hoping to find a massage therapist who would not only be able to work through my stressed muscles, but also one who would feel beneath that and be able to reach and heal my energy centers and even my core. I am so fortunate that I went to Carlo as this is what he has done for me.
Even before I lie down on his table, Carlo makes me feel calm. His presence can best be described as warm and radiant. Beyond that, he is a generous soul who pours himself into his practice and this is evident in his skill. From beginning to end, I have a feeling of complete trust as I can tell that he is carefully reading my energy and body. Each experience with Carlo has been unique. Not only does he get better and better at what he does, he pays such close attention to my body that he seems to understand it more with each session. When I see him again, he is able to pick up where he left off. This has made each experience deeper than the previous one. I live in New York City, but if I lived in Los Angeles, I would surely be seeing Carlo at least once a month.
Carlo, you have taken such great care of me. When we go through these horrible and crazy times, we end up needing resuscitation. I don't exactly know how it happened, but I am so grateful that the universe brought you to me---you helped resuscitate me!"
Aram Jibilan

“I have done the Castor Oil treatment several times with Carlo. It is a much more profound experience than the typical Indian swedena. It has very deliberate steps that start with the application of the personalized mixture. Followed through monitoring of the infusion of the herbalized heat into the body. I had deep lower back issues for years after I had my child, and Carlo has been able to get to the source of it. The herbalized heat allowed me to access and let go of the deep muscle stress that was causing much of the tension in my lower back. It can be a very intense treatment that also seems to access emotional blockages, as well as physical ones, and Carlo is very good at being present and intuiting the support that is needed in the process. He is one of the best intuitive body workers around. I highly recommend it, with massage, for anyone who is desiring to holistically detoxify the entire mind, body and spirit."
Kim Beiber, Movie Producer/Investor

“I had been sick for about 2 weeks and was having congestion in my lungs. At this time Carlo mentioned his new Infrared detox treatment, and its detoxifying effects. It was perfect timing, so I tried it out. I can’t really explain it, but I could feel the water was coming out of my body in different areas. He used Eucalyptus and different herbs that I could feel penetrate and relieve some of my congestion. I felt very relaxed and good. And had relief from my cold for a solid two days. And not to mention my muscles felt so relaxed and supple."
Joan, Mngr., Savanah: 706 Montana Ave.

“Carlo, I just wanted to thank you for the deep infrared oil cleanse. I liked your choice of herbals that you mixed with the castor oil. I felt all clear and open when we finished. I think combining the blanket with deep tissue massage was a good call.
Thanx man."
Bobby Marks