Office visits are available in The Pacific Palisades and Santa Monica. By appointment only.
Out Calls are also available throughout Los Angeles: travel fee depends on location.

Deep tissue / Sports Massage: 60 min. $150
Want to regain optimal muscle tone and function, and have freedom back in your daily & athletic activities? Is there a stubborn muscle group that just won’t let go? Are you an athlete that wants to get an edge through improved neuromuscular efficiency? Then this is the massage for you. It can be the most physically rewarding massage as it addresses your core musculature. By getting to the source of the issue, it has given many clients permanent or long-standing relief. Whether you have an injury, or simply a compensation from repetitive activities or daily office work. We have created a signature blend of techniques that completely eliminate your issues. Deep Tissue & Sports Massage are the foundation of this treatment. And to make it more powerful we added trigger point therapy to release neuro-muscular holding patterns, and acupressure based modalities to restore energy flow. Please ask about therapeutic packages.

Private Stretching and Foam Rolling: 60 min. $110

Cranial Sacral: 60 min. $110
Cranial Sacral is a subtle yet one of the most powerful modality’s. It is especially effective for issues in the Head, Face, Eyes, Jaw, Neck, Spine, Hips, and Pelvis. It is also highly efficient for any old injury or trauma in the body. It is common for things like TMJ to go away in one or two sessions. What makes it so powerful is that it taps into your body’s most innate purpose “To optimize and heal itself." Just like the immune system try’s to fight off illness, so does the structural system attempt to unwind tension and trauma. In Cranial Sacral the practitioner makes subtle adjustments that activate a response in the clients body to realign and let go of restriction. Please read the testimonial page to hear some of it’s amazing results.